How many times have you heard the phrase “it’s all mental” in regards to achieving a difficult feat such as climbing a mountain? This is because much of the time, it is! For example, you could be in the best shape of your life, but if you are not mentally prepared to handle challenges and obstacles, then you simply will not succeed. But with High Elevation Adventure our approach is to combine the power of your body and mind. Our mission is to help you gain self-confidence, a belief in yourself and your ability to succeed, and equip you with the skills you need to stay strong mentally and push through any challenge you face!

With us you can learn and understand that a strong healthy mentality is the key to unlocking the power to perform. This will help you conquer any challenge you set out to achieve. In other words, we are here to help you be as physically AND mentally prepared as possible to conquer your goals! Check out what we have to offer below!

What High Elevation Adventure has to Offer

Guided Adventures

Utilize our expertise to help you in-person! Hire a private trip or join one of our pre-planned adventures! Click the link to learn more and see our current calendar.

Mindfulness Workshops

We are combining the psychology of mindfulness with the power of nature in our events and workshops. We offer free community events, wellness retreats, skill workshops and more!

Private Instruction

We offer private lessons in skiing, rock climbing, swimming and more!

Mountain Performance Coaching

We help outdoor athletes of all levels gain strength and confidence of body+mind to successfully conquer their goals! We take a goal oriented, actionable approach to help you succeed!

Mental Health Awareness

The mission of our Conquer Yourself Campaign is to help our global community by providing FREE online resources, education, and awareness to mental health. In addition, we also hold fundraisers to raise money to support non-profit mental health organizations.

My Story

Follow my journey of conquering mental illness to climb to the top of the world. My wide range of personal and professional experience has taught me how much planning, strength and stamina is required to achieve big dreams!

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