Learn more about Jacque and her story of how she got into mountaineering and utilizes the outdoors as her main form of therapy.

Hello everyone! My name is Jacque and this is my story.

From about the time that I was around 10 years old I dreamed of climbing Mount Everest. Long’s Peak was my first high elevation, 14,000 foot peak at the age of 13. I was an avid skier, and mountain lover.

However, as I got older I was suffering from major depression, anxiety, and an eating disorder that completely consumed me. At my lowest point in my mental illness, I attempted suicide, twice… In addition, somewhere along the way I had forgotten how to live life to the fullest and enjoy the things I used to.

Through a very long and hard recovery, I learned how to love myself, forgive myself, as well as find joy again in life. Along that journey I found a passion for helping others. Today, I am now perusing my dreams of climbing the Seven Summits. In reaching for the top of the world, I am climbing for Mental Health. More importantly, I am helping others achieve their own goals by conquering themselves! 

My Mission in Coaching and Training

I help aspiring mountaineers train and mentally prepare to conquer their summit goals. When I was training for my first trek to Everest Base Camp, I had no reference, and no idea how to effectively train for the high altitude. The only think I knew I could do was practice being up high. Mentally, the trek to Base Camp was the hardest thing I had ever done, short of recovering from my eating disorder.

Shortly after I came home from Nepal, I knew I needed to take a different approach. I became a certified personal trainer. I studied sport performance and mountain performance. In the end, I figured out exactly what I needed to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro. When I got home, people asked how hard the climb was. My reply was that it was easy, in fact way easier than Nepal! I even summited a day ahead of schedule! This was because I had figured not just the physical component, but the mental one as well.

There was plenty of trial and error, research, and education. In the end, the most crucial and important piece to my training stems from utilizing mental performance to help you succeed. Not only do I now help others achieve their climbing dreams, I continue to apply it in my own life.

You can check out my current list of successful major summits and other achievements here!

Read more about my adventures and progress on my climbs here!


  • BS Health Education from Utah Valley University
  • Minor in Psychology
  • Physical Education Endorsement- USBE
  • Certified Personal Trainer- NASM 
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified Sports Psychology Coach
  • Professional Ski Instructors of America Member
  • American Mountain Guides Association Member
  • 13+ years teaching/coaching as an experienced swim coach and instructor, aerial instructor, tumbling coach, ski instructor, climbing instructor, and fitness instructor.
  • First Aid/CPR Certified
  • Personal trekking, mountaineering, racing, and competition experience


Coach Jacque has a background in health education and sport performance psychology, as well as personal experience with depression, anxiety, and an eating disorder. Therefore, she is an expert in what it takes to conquer mental illness to follow her dreams. In addition, she is available locally for public speaking events to share her story and expertise about overcoming mental barriers to conquer oneself. In short, her story of hitting rock bottom to climbing to the top of the world is inspirational and perfect for any event from classrooms, auditoriums, conferences and keynotes! Book your presentation today by contacting us at highelevationadventure@gmail.com.

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